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Farm: Las Nubes / Santa Cruz

Altitude: 1,200-1,400

Varieties: Typica and Bourbon/Maragogype

Compost: Own compost

Washing Technique: Fully Washed/ Natural

Drying: Patio

Organization: Family-owned

Cover: Shade-grown/ UNESCO biosphere

Certification: Fair Trade, Rain Forest, Organic, IMO, JAS, Kosher, Bird-Friendly

Taste Profile: Various

This is the third year working with a producer in the pristine Triumph Biosphere. We are working with Ricardo to renovate his farm after devastation due to the coffee rust epidemic. Besides planting promising varieties, Ricardo is also processing coffees in different methods and working on providing micro-lot transparency.

This year’s output was very limited. The coffee we have available is a honey-processed caturra/bourbon variety. This is a classic comfort coffee very similar to the elegant Central Americans with chocolate notes and sweet Nutella notes.

Ordering options:
1. Please call for full 152 pounds (lb.) bag order pricing
2. Small lot order are $7 per lb. plus S&H (minimum of 10
lb. per order)
Small lot and box set ships from North Carolina. Full bags
coffee is warehoused and ships from Houston, TX.