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Farm: El Eden

Altitude: 1,350-1,600

Varieties: Typica and Bourbon

Compost: Pulp-based organic

Washing Technique: Natural

Drying: Patio and beds

Organization: Co-op

Cover: Shade-grown

Certification: Organic

Taste Profile: Full body, balance acidity and complex fruit

In our fourth year working with the El Eden community, we offer this unique naturally-processed coffee. This is an extremely elegant coffee with many layers of complexity.
This years coffee is very structured and balanced with a lingering citrus acidity.
The main taste notes you will find are sugar cane, brown sugar, black cherry, tangerine and
cacao nibs. It is an extremely pleasant and sweet coffee that cupped 85 points.
Ordering options:
1. Please call for full 152 pounds (lb.) bag order pricing
2. Small lot order are $8 per lb. plus S&H (minimum of 10
lb. per order)
Small lot and box set ships from North Carolina. Full bags
coffee is warehoused and ships from Houston, TX.