Our Mission

Support small lot coffee farmers in their efforts to produce quality green coffee

Producers who sell coffee cherries to aggregators are destined to live in poverty.  Tiger Orchid Coffee was created to provide sustainable business solutions for producers who want to transcend beyond selling cherries.

We help producers improve their farming and producing capabilities.  Recognizing that consulting was not sufficient, we also buy their coffee and commercialize it with customers who appreciate these efforts.

Our efforts span from procuring seeds for nurseries to delivering green coffee bags to US roasters.

Where do we do it?

We are working in several Mexican regions, including communities in the states of Guerrero, Veracruz, Oaxaca, Chiapas and Puebla.

Because of our mission, we do not work with large landholder or coffee aggregators. Our producers usually have 1 to 10 acres and are part of extended family groups. They have very limited resources but a commitment to improve their practices

What do we do?

Tiger Orchid Coffee is a fully integrated coffee company working with quality-focused small lot coffee producers.  Our activities include:

Before the seed

We interview and visit many farms to identify producers who might be good candidates for our program

In the field

Help build nurseries, best-practices training and financing

As exporter

Provide equipment, infrastructure and logistics from farms through customs

As importer

Bring coffee into the US as well as provide quality control standards

As wholesaler

Commercialize green coffee to some of the best roasting companies in the US

Value Proposition

Most coffee importers work with exporters and middlemen in origin countries.  We do not, which gives us greater access to producers and regions. We are looking for the diamonds in the rough not just those who have already achieved successWe have a team on the ground that works with producers 24/7We also provide our clients with transparency about our practices from the seed to green coffeeWe not only rely on expert feedback but also on customer feedback to guide our practices

Our Goals

We strive to create sustainable business practices that achieve the following:

Create incentives for producers to make long-term investments and increase community involvements

Develop business frameworks to fairly compensate producers for their coffee

Increase transparency for our customers along the supply chain

Design risk mitigation mechanisms and environmentally-sound practices

Work with stakeholders and partners that may address community challenges

Recognize and highlight what makes these communities exceptional