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Farm: Potrero

Altitude: 800-1,200 m asl

Varieties: Garnica/Typica/Caturra

Wet mill: Washed

Dry Mill: Patio dried

Organization: Individual Families

Cover: Shade

Taste Profile: Floral, lemon, vanilla, caramel

In Xochitlfour producers who are committed to improve coffee quality and to not participate in the trademark wholesale cherry selling process.  To do so, they started from scratch by converting a cattle farm into a coffee parcel with Garnica as the only coffee variety planted.  This is truly unique in Mexico. Complete lot renovations and single variety focus is extremely rare in Mexico. Rounding out the uniqueness of this project is the fact that it is funded by a construction worker in Philadelphia who dreams with retiring in this area.  We expect great things from this group in the future.  Tiger Orchid Coffee is assisting by partnering with them inthe development of a large scale experimental nursery.